Our Casting Process

We manufacure our products using sand casting.

Firstly, we fashion a wooden model of the desired casting that is then used to form the casting mould.
We produce the moulds by leaving indentations of both halves of the wooden model in a recyclable mixture of quarry sand and binding agent in two moulding boxes (450 x 350 x 160 mm each). After removing the wooden model, we insert a heat-resistant core that keeps the desired openings inside the casting free from molten metal. 
Once both halves of the casting mould are securely fixed around the core, we pour in the liquid metal.

As sand casting utilises inexpensive and reusable materials, the procedure is profitable even for small lots.

Casting moulds are created by making indentations of the wooden models in the moulding sand.

Cores of heat-resistant moulding sand keep the openings inside the castings clear.

Once the casting moulds are complete, we pour in the liquid metal.